FYI – You can now you can use Strava to raise money for renwable energy projects anytime, anywhere until the end of November 2017 and still take advantage of a $1 per kilometre sponsorship from Bullfrog Power.

10k Race Results – International Virtual Race 2017


This video speaks for itself. This race warm up dance party was epic.
This team also organized the largest race day meet up event with 150 participants in their cross country run in rural Uganda!
This team is fundraising for a solar power well system as well as support the projects on Canada’s west coast.
Prizes will be sent to winners in Uganda. Stay tuned for updates.  
Honorable mention in this category went to Misa Ko and Shannon Banal in Vancouver whose superhero costumes and general awesomeness was also deserving of a prize… so we are going to give them one.

Also we have decided to add a category for cutest baby smile which was won by team Helios in Delta BC. Maybe this little munchin was happy to not have to commute in to Vancouver to participate in the race this year? 

Intergalactic 10k Champion – Winner – David Morrissey (aka Atomsmasher . on Strava)  

Dave ran to the Stanley Park Meet Up at the Sea Wall, he ran the race and then he ran home. His 10k lap of the seawall was enough to win the International Virtual Race with a fastest 10k segment time of 37:38 (KM’s 8-17).

Also running more than double the 10k distance while still going faster per km than most of us could do a single kilometre was Drew Nicholson, our winner from last year. 

His fastest 10k segment was 40:17. In fairness both of these dudes can run 10k much faster than the time Dave won with but in term of the fastest 10k segment from anyone registered for the Great Climate Race on that weekend in particular those were the fastest two. Our fastest Female of the weekend was Taylor Ward from the Night Terrors Run Crew in Toronto. 

Close runner up was Melissa Raven who was on day 28 of a #runEveryDay October challenge!?! She should get a prize just for that.

Also worthy of honourable mention Nic B. from the Vancouver Falcons ran a really fast 7.2km in the BC Cross Country Championships while raising money for the Great Climate Race. His 3:06 on his first came up might just be the fastest one recorded as part of the Great Climate Race this weekend.

Cody Calhoon ran 50k up the side of a freaking mountain while raising money for renewable energy projects. 1,780 meters of elevation.

And he didn’t stop their. He clocked an impressive 78km total for the weekend. 

Wow, everyone listed here deserves some awesome prizes, and we will make sure they get them. We will be sharing More about what prizes are being delivered to who soon. Big thanks again to our sponsors who provided prizes. 
We reserve the right to give out more suprize prizes for awesome things people do. 
Reminder: You can still participate in the prize for most money raised until the end of November 2017.

2016 Results

Check here for 2016 results on race day and much more courtesy of our official timing company SportStats.
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