Questions About The Race

Whats Next for the Great Climate Race?

Now that the 2017 International Virtual Race is over we shifted to a new phase…. Monthly Fundraising Challenges!

Our next 10k race will be in October of 2018 but you can stay active, raise money and compete for prizes anytime, anywhere every day using our fundraising tool. 

Questions About Registration

If you already have a Strava account this is super easy. You just click the Connect With Strava button on the Registration Page

If you Already Have a Strava Account:

When you click “Connect with Strava” it will ask you to sync your Strava Account. If you have a Strava account but you aren’t logged in it will take you to a sign in page.
If you are like me and you used your Facebook page to create your Strava account then its super easy. You just click this button and it takes you back to our site. 

Just grant permission to Strava to connect with the Great Climate Race page.
Once you do that it creates a profile page for you on the Great Climate Race site based on the information and photo on your Strava profile. You can edit your profile page easily (see below for more information).

If you don’t already have a Strava account:

Our registration process can be a bit confusing if you don’t already have a Strava Account. The best thing to do is treat it as two seperate parts.
1. First go set up a Strava account.
2: Then go to our registration page 

Once you have a Strava Account and will be easy to sign in. What can be confusing is if you click the connect to Strava button and then go off to create a new Strava Account it won’t always automatically take you back to the Great Climate Race website. So if you don’t have Strava set up your account first on your phone and then sync Strava to our website. Ok?

REMINDER: If you create a Strava account on your desktop computer you will still need to download the Strava app on your phone or use a running watch synced to Strava to track your activity.  

Questions About Your Profile and Team Pages

How Do I Share my Profile and Team Pages?

You can click the share buttons right under you name.

If you want to share the page directly you can copy and paste the URL from your page into Facebook or Twitter. You can also share your runs by clicking these links in your activity feed. This way you can share updates about your fundraising efforts and drive traffic to your pledge form.

PRO TIP: At the end of each run on Strava post a pic and say a little something. This is a great place to mention #GreatClimateRace. 

Whatever pics you use and what you put in the description is what will show up on your page. You can also share your pics directly to Instagram from Strava. For bonus points make the link in your bio on Instagram the url for your profile page.  

How Do I Edit My Profile Page

In the top right hand corner of the site you will see a drop down menu with one of the options being Edit Profile.

How do I start a team?

You can start a team inside the edit profile page that you get to on the top right hand corner of the page.
The start team button is close to the bottom of the edit teams page.
Once you start a team this is where you will find your edit team link as well as a special link to send as an invitation to friends to join your team.

How do I Join a Team?

You can join a team by clicking the join this team link on the teams page.
If you are already on a team but would like to join another team you can switch teams at any time when looking at that teams page.

How do I leave a team?

You can leave a team by joining another team. If you want to leave a team but not join another team send us an email at and we will do some magic under the hood.

How do I collect pledges?

There are two ways to collect pledges on your profile page.Your sponsors can use a credit card to preauthorize a payment on your page.

Or they can pledge to arrange payment after the race is over. This can be fulfulled using PayPal, cash, cheque or BitCoin.

When can I start raising money?

You can start raising money per km of activity as soon as you register for the Great Climate Race.

Where does the money go?

All the money raised goes to renewable energy project. This year we are supporting three important projects. The Tsleil-Waututh Nation solar project, the Vancouver Public Library solar project and the OrcaLab off grid renewable energy project. You can read more about these projects here. 

Questions About Walking or Running in the Race

Do I have to run or walk a specific distance?

You can walk or run whatever distance you want.

Can i run on a treadmill?

You sure can! Just remember you need to track your activity so you will need to have your phone on you or a running watch.

Problems You Can Solve Using Strava

What if I don’t have a phone or a running watch?

No problem! There are still two ways you can be involved.

  1. If you want to raise money per kilometer: You can manually upload your run or walk distances in a strava account at their website. 
  2. You can just post a pic on social media (and/or email it to us to post on our social media) and use the hashtag #GreatClimateRace.

What if i forget to turn off my phone after my run or walk?

Don’t worry! You can  go into your Strava account and delete the activity if you want.
If all you did was walk more and then rest then no problem. Just more walking before you turned it off. As long as you aren’t concerned about your personal best times and your average speeds inside Stava then there is no harm leavin it.If you know how far it should say you went you can manually add a new run with the correct information.

What if i run out of batteries?

No worries. The portion of the run before you ran out of batteries should be saved. If you know how far you walked or run after you can add that manually.

Questions About Phones or Watches

What if I’m roaming?

If you don’t want to pay for Data but you do want to participate then you have a few options.
Strava doesn’t use very much data. It’s really only loading the maps that involves Data. Something like 1-4 megabytes. You can try to use Strava while your phone’s roaming is turned off which means it’s not using data but the gps can still function. If you want to see the maps load Strava with roaming turned on and then after you start recording your activity you can try turning roaming off.

What if My Device Doesn’t Sync Properly

Strava has instructions related to devices Stava sync’s with here and a customer support team for dealing with these problems. We are happy to help in whatever way we can too. We will do our best to ensure every km you did in the Great Climate Race is counted!

Why did you pick Strava?

We used the Strava running app because it integrates with various running watches and other devices and provides a variety of useful features for counting KM and speed. Strava also helps to facilitate social media sharing and meet up organizing. Remember to post pics from Strava (especially to Instagram) after your runs or walks using the hashtag #GreatClimateRace

How Many Cartwheels are in a Kilometre

That depends how tall you are… and how good you are at doing Cartwheels. 

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