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We made an “Explainer Video” for you with all the key things you need to know about participating in the Great Climate Race this year using our new tool kit.

If you have any questions that weren’t answered in the video post a comment or send us a direct message.

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2017-10-27, 9:01:36 PM

Hi Ben and Marie, I am fairly “old school” I guess, but I am confused about the new set up for the race. By old school I mean I like to look at text and maps as opposed to watching videos. I don’t think the website makes it entirely clear where and when to meet if you just want to run the race in the same way as the past. The video says to meet at 10am (but I don’t think there is any text on the website saying this). And if you had not run the race in the past, I don’t think there is any information about exactly where to meet … other than in the same location as the past. I think adding text details about time and location for the non-self-organized race would be helpful. I think I’ve figured things out … but it is not easy from this year’s version of the website, unless you are planning to totally self-organize. DBT

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