Great Climate Race – Live Epidode 3 – Friday July 14th 2017

This week on our weekly live broadcast we take on a hotly discussed topic. Is having less children the best way to fight climate change? A series of articles (see show notes below for links) were written recently outlining various perspectives.

I was inspired to highlight the issue by a Facebook post from University of BC Prof. Kathryn Harrison. It’s worth pointing out that her kids Sophie Harrison and Sam Harrison are both doing a heck of a lot to fight climate change. They were founders of the group Kids for Climate Action and have been actively engaged in campaigns most of their lives. Professor Harison expressed distress at this proposed strategy. Spoiler Alert: I don’t think focusing on the number of children you have is the best approach to fighting climate change. Focusing on individual choices is a much more limited strategy then focusing on collective action.

We started the Great Climate Race to personally connect individuals with community scale climate solutions. In this show you will also here more about our new app we are currently testing during a cross Canada road trip. We would love your support fundraising per km as we go for walks and runs in different spots across the country.


In this broadcast we explore this issue in the context of Frances recent climate policy announcements + my two cents on how it relates to the Porter Hypothesis and more.

I’m eager to hear your thoughts and feedback. Please feel free to weigh in with your comments.


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Episode 3 was originally posted here as a Facebook Live video:

Following Our Tour –

On Not Having Children to Stop Climate Change

Piece in Question from the Guardian

David Roberts Response in Vox

Sophie Harrison recommended this article re the choice to have children

Emphasizing individual solutions to big issues can reduce support for government efforts

On the shift to focusing on personal responsibility:

“The packaging industry justifies disposables as a response to consumer demand: buyers wanted convenience; packagers simply provided it. But that’s not exactly true. Consumers had to be trained to be wasteful. Part of this re-education involved forestalling any debate over the wisdom of creating disposables in the first place, replacing it with an emphasis on “proper” disposal. Keep America Beautiful led this refocusing on the symptoms rather than the system. The trouble was not their industry’s promulgation of throwaway stuff; the trouble was those oafs who threw it away.”

Drawdown (edited by Paul Hawken) we are considering this book for our first monthly book club. Are you interested in being in a book club? (a portion of funds from buying this book go to supporting solar projects)

On Climate Policy in France

France – Banning Fossil Fuel exploration

“The President is also planning a huge renovation programme for French homes to  reduce energy consumption, cut carbon dioxide emissions, reduce energy poverty and create jobs.”

France – Largest EV Market

EV Updates and Common Misconceptions – Great Cliamte Race Live episode 2

France Closing 17 Nuclear Reactors

Porter Hypothesis

Debate about Path to 100% Renewable – NY Times

Solutions Project


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