The cost of solar panels has dropped drastically in the last few years and the International Energy Agency said solar power could be the number one source of electricity on earth by 2050. This is good news because we need to transition to renewable energy to stabilize the global climate.

Swanson Effect

But to make this a reality it will take more than the price of solar panels dropping. We will need everyone to get involved by supporting alternative energy projects and making sure they are prioritized. By showing more and more people that solar and other renewable energy technologies are viable choices today, we can create the momentum needed to get us where we need to go.

But Does Solar Power Work in Canada?

It’s a common misconception that solar power isn’t viable in Canada. Even in cloudy BC we get comparable amounts of sunshine to Germany and yet they currently produce more solar energy than anyone else in the world and we are lagging far behind. Of course, more electricity can be generated from solar panels in places with even more sunshine but solar panels can be useful virtually anywhere. So what are we waiting for? 


Germany Solar ResourceWhat About When the Sun Isn't Shining?

Most of us use electricity from the power grid that brings energy to our homes via wires. When the sun goes down at night, homes or buildings continue using energy from the grid when the solar panels are no longer producing electricity. If solar panels installed on a rooftop are connected to the grid they can reduce or even eliminate your home energy bill. In some cases, excess electricity is produced overall and instead of getting a bill for your electricity use at the end of the month you would receive a cheque.

If solar panels are not tied to the power grid or what’s known as being “off the grid”, batteries can be used to store power so electricity is available when the sun isn't shining.

How is the Great Climate Race Connected to Solar Power?

A portion of the entry fee for every participant plus all funds raised by participants from their supporters will go towards funding local solar projects. If you would like a potential project in your community to be considered as one of these projects click here for more information on how to apply.

The Great Climate Race will give every runner a sense of connection to specific energy projects that they help fund. The inaugural run in Vancouver in 2015 will be an entirely solar and kinetic energy powered event.

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