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Race Day weekend is the last weekend of October, Saturday the 28th and Sunday the 29th



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What Is a Virtual Race?

 A virtual race is a sporting event that you can participant in from anywhere. You simply track your walk or run and share your results online. You can even upload pics and video and be incorporated into our main event online (if your into that kind of thing).

UPDATE: We are currently developing a new tool that will make it possible to fundraise per km of activity during your training and for the virtual race itself. 

Benefits to Participating in the International Virtual Race

Do It Anywhere:  You can run your race at your pace wherever you like and on any terrain - trails, streets, sidewalks, mountains, coastlines, anywhere you can find a 10k or 2k distance.  We have participants from as far away as Morocco and Australia joining us in The Great Climate International Virtual Race. Be part of a global experience for a great cause from whereever you are!

Join us Anytime that Works For You on Race Weekend:  You can complete your virtual race any time of the last weekend in October 2017. No more waking up early to run, unless you're a morning person. 

Beginner Runners Welcome: Running a race can be is intimidating for some people.  Huge crowds, loud music and the stress of competing isn’t for everyone.  Run or walk at your own pace.  

Do Overs: There are no do overs when it comes to climate change but in the Great Climate Race International Virtual Race you can do as many 10k or 2km run or walks as you want on race weekend and we will count your best time towards prizes (did we mention we have awesome prizes?). 

Bling: Participants have the option to get a unique race medal, a personalizable race bib and other race swag. Sign up for the mailing list above for more information.  

How Does The Race Support Climate Solutions?


Contribute to a Solar Project: Climate change is a race against time. We all need to work together to speed up the transition to renewable energy and it all starts in our own communities.

By participating in The Great Climate Race as a virtual runner or walker you have the opportunity to raise money per km for solar power demonstration projects. Fundraising is optional but we make it easy and fun. 

Just by being part of the event you are helping to raise awareness about climate solutions in your own community and promoting renewable energy as a safe and affordable path to reduce fossil fuel dependence.

Supporting Ecological Literacty: You are helping to spread environmental education and public engagement both offline and online. 

Everyone Has a Role to Play: You don’t have to be an elite runner or an expert about renewable energy.  You just have to want change and to have fun!  We’ll take care of the rest.

Find out about the awesome climate solutions projects we are crowdfunding for here: 

Learn More About the Projects Were Supporting

Climate Solutions

Questions and Suggestion?

Got questions or suggestions or feedback or funny anecdotes from past events? We wanna hear them! Your feedback is appreciated. 

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Check out the hashtag #GreatClimateRace for pics and video from past events. 

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You are helping to spread the word, raise awareness and speed up the transition to renewable energy!

Have fun out there!