Because climate change is a race against time!

Join us for the second annual Great Climate Race, a 10k or 2.5k walk or run to crowdfund for local renewable energy projects.

Get ready for The Most Fun You've Ever Had Changing the World! 

The event will begin at Second Beach in Stanley Park on Sunday morning, October 30th 2016

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☆ Zero Waste Event. Off Grid 100% Solar and Bike Powered Event. ☆

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  • Our goal to become the Greenest City in the world rests on engaging residents of all ages, and that starts with addressing climate change. The Great Climate Race is a fun chance for Vancouverites to get involved, and I encourage runners and non-runners alike to join the race!
    Gregor Robertson, Mayor of Vancouver
  • The Great Climate Race is not just any old 10k race on the Vancouver seawall. It is one with an environmental awareness and fundraising goal, specifically around solar power.
    Ellie Greenwood, 2 time 100km World Champion, winner of Comrades Marathon, 2014 Ultra Runner of the year
  • I can’t wait to run in The Great Climate Race. It is really important to show people what they can do about climate change and I want to help. I’m going to ask my family and my neighbours to sponsor me so that I can support a solar project. I’m going to tell all my friends to run with me, too. Together, we can make a difference.
    Tyger, 11, West Vancouver
  • Individuals and families across Canada can and must do their part to help solve this ominous problem—the greatest single threat to humanity’s collective survival. I am heartened to know The Great Climate Race is taking place. By engaging people of all ages and from all walks of life, such an event truly is a way for everybody to 'think globally, act locally.'
    Hon. Tom McMillan, Former Minister of the Environment, Canada